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Sunday, 31 August 2014

A rant

Tall buildings. Taller egos.
Where is the humility? Well travelled, sophisticated people, I’m guessing. Where is the courteous “After you”? Why do people not give way? Do they become losers if they step back a little? Delhi of course has always been brash, pushy, loud, and me-first-and-to-hell-with-everybody-else.

New Gurgaon was its educated sophisticated cousin. Or so I thought in my naiveté. But the lingo, the catch phrases and the branded apparel are only a veneer. Just underneath is the same old insecure, self-absorbed person. We will still kick out at the other person, albeit now with our feet well shod in Choo or Louboutin!

Ever seen the “public” at the municipal tap? What’s the difference? Maybe the cuss words are English, and the swearing is in an “accent”, but that is about it.

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