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Saturday, 8 April 2017

G for Gossamer

The very word seems made of the same material it describes ---ethereal, gauzy, wispy! 
It conjures up images of early morning stalks of grass, bejewelled with dew glinting in the sun. 
It reminds one of all the fairy tales read in childhood, which spoke of clothes spun from cobwebs, of invisible cloaks shimmering into and out of nothingness.
One thinks of the diaphanous wings of dragonflies, poised a breath over the water surface.
It brings to mind the silken fetters of love. Delicate as chiffon, strong as steel.
A Mulmul saree, the pride of a master weaver, the vanity of a beautiful woman.

An insubstantial touch, dreamlike in nature. A filmy curtain screening elusive thoughts.
Gossamer is grace, underlining the transient nature of life.


  1. love the post.. just like the word you talk about.. :)brought a smile

  2. I am becoming a fan of yours. Beautiful prose.