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Friday, 14 April 2017

#AtoZChallenge - 4-14-2017 - Letter L:

L for Lakshmi

Lakshmi  is the much revered Goddess of prosperity. Commonly identified as the goddess of wealth, she is fervently propitiated so as to get material gains.
But she is so much more than that. Prosperity is a many splendoured  thing. It does not begin and end with mere wealth. It is said that where there is cleanliness and generosity, there resides Lakshmi. What it means is that for overall well-being, it is important to  cultivate qualities that are conducive to success.
Lakshmi is also the embodiment  of grace and dignity. These intangible characteristics are actually  the foundations of a successful person's life.
The charm and mystique of this Goddess  lends itself to paeans in her praise. Arising from the ocean of milk during the great churning, chosen by Vishnu the Preserver  as his consort,  she is worshipped in eight forms: the AshtaLakshmi.
AadiLakshmi, the primeval Goddess, also called Mahalakshmi, the Great Goddess.
 Dhana  Lakshmi or Aishwarya Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
Dhaanya Lakshmi, the Goddess of food grains is worshipped as the goddess of plenty.
Gaja Lakshmi  is the elephant  goddess. Elephants are associated with  great wisdom.
Santaana  Lakshmi, the goddess of progeny.
Veera Lakshmi or Dhairya  Lakshmi,  the goddess of valour and courage.
Vidya Lakshmi the goddess  of learning.
Jaya Lakshmi or Vijaya Lakshmi, the goddess of victory.

She is depicted in images as seated on a lotus, showering gold upon her devotees. Yet she is also said to  be flighty and fickle --- chanchal Lakshmi. That is to remind us that material wealth can come and go. What we should worship and emulate are her other facets. Then her grace and blessings will be always upon us.

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