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Sunday, 16 April 2017

M for Mirage

Isn't it fascinating that a phenomenon with a perfectly reasonable and scientific explanation can seem so magical?
A mirage is simply an optical illusion caused by light rays getting reflected by heated up layers of air. Hence their preponderance in the desert. On overly warm days, mirages can even be seen on city roads, in the heat haze reflecting the sky to seem like pools of water.
The mystique of a mirage has always been such as to drive men mad, even. Human nature being what it is, we just cannot accept the idea of something being there and then find that it is not, after all.
No wonder fighter jets have been named Mirage----- for them it is imperative to be on "now -you -see- me -now -you -don't" mode.
Much like myths. Interestingly, "mithya" is the Sanskrit word for falsehood. The Sanskrit for mirage is "mrigatrishna". The greats have always said that our hopes, aspirations and desires are like running after a mirage. If we pin our happiness on dreams and desires, we are chasing a shadow.
A mirage serves to remind us that life itself is ethereal, fleeting. It is not always what it seems.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts. A mirage is magical, and you're right, we shouldn't wait for a desire to materialize before we allow ourselves to be happy.